Including  of these users have social mia on their phone,  at their fingertips. Our brand can build relationships with all these people. Certainly not everyone will succe, because just like in life, we will get in touch with some, but not with others. But the key is to fight for long-term relationships. And where better to build them than in the environment of social networking sites. Creat to connect them? Undoubtly.  Lasting relationships requires some effort both on the part of the brand and the agency if the company outsources the advertising campaign. It is certain that this effort will pay off in the long run, thanks to the loyalty of customers to the brand.

We Attribute to them specific interests

What is the key to the success of an image campaign? Detail Research The key is a thorough, well-conduct market research and, above all, understanding the target group of the brand. It is important to know the nes of people belonging to it and to approach this process as to getting to know a person we really care about. Typically, this process involves the preparation of personas, which we give the characteristics of potential customers. Age, profession, marital Indonesia Phone Number List status, what makes them happy, what can make them sad.

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This Is absolutely not about invading

It is worth spending enough time on this process, because getting to know your current and potential customers well and the pros and cons of their everyday life is the key to building an appropriate communication strategy.  someone’s privacy, but about empathy and understanding for the other person who is on the other side of advertising messages. By selling something to someone that they don’t really want, we are looting ourselves in the long run, even if we are only selling the message itself, so it is worth applying really diligently to this task. Example FB Ads Bulk Lead targeting – screenshot from the FB Ads panel.