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Find out why category descriptions are an important element of your business strategy and how to create good content of this type.  We most often use Google. Equally often, however, we use the search engine on a given website and we also browse specific product categories. A user who lands on a category description page may have different intentions. Not everyone who comes to our online store intends to buy the product right away. Motivations can be very different here – customers may be looking for cheaper products.

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They could have found the store via a blog, a literal store recommendation from a friend or paid traffic (Facebook AdsGoogle Ads). Category descriptions are something that no one reads? There is some truth to this, but only a little. Having the intention to buy, we will rather not read the descriptions of the categories, we will only be interest in specific products Ghana Phone Number List and we will focus on them. Often, however, it is the description of the category that allows the user to reach the page – Google tries to index higher the pages that correspond to relevant specific queries.  Generic phrases like “sports shoes” is very difficult. Broad and universal categories are very popular, and thus the competition for these phrases is extremely high.

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The Internet tempts to take the easy

So how to create a good category description and thus support SEO activities? . Create unique content Contrary to appearances, it is the first condition that is one of the most difficult. Way out, i.e. to paraphrase the description of the competition category. Apart from the ethical aspects of such an action (which bears the hallmarks of plagiarism), such category descriptions will not be effective. Creating a unique description of the category is the most important – duplicating or even paraphrasing the content will not bring the desir result. Algorithms learn to recognize content that has been process on the Bulk Lead basis of already publish source materials. The most important rule is: write for people.

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