The silver generation wants

Attention was paid to the usefulness of the products in the category, universality and care for the environment. As representative research shows, it is these features that are important for this target group. The message for millennials (example ) focuses heavily on the aspect of standing out from the crowd, being up to date. This is a description address to a class aspiring group, and a large part of the millennial generation is consider to be such. The third fragment of the category description is address to the silver generation, which feels young at heart and does not want to be identifi with retirees. To feel young again, they have the money to do so and this fragment of the category description hits the heart of these nes.

The density of keywords should

Take care of keywords Keywords are a magnet not only for robots, but also for real users who will be “lur” by a fragment of a given category description to click on the link. Occur naturally, result from the context of the content. “Stuffing” many key phrases in short descriptions of categories does not make much sense. Try to answer keywords that are questions, change Ghana Phone Number List phrases, place prepositional phrases contextually. Do not insert keywords into the text “rigidly”, each phrase in the text must make sense.

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If you can’t afford it use free

Tip The length of a given category description and the frequency of use of phrases should be determin by a competent SEO specialist.  Keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, or If, on the other hand, you run active campaigns in Google Ads. Then the best tool for researching and grouping key phrases will be Keyword Planner. You can read more about tools for this type in our previous text. . Plan your description strategy Bulk Lead Each category description should consist of a short introduction and at least a few H headings.

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