Plugins in browsers – probably every person relat. To SEO uses at least one of them. What benefits do they bring? They can improve your work or save space in your computer’s memory because. You don’t ne to install many tools anymore.  To tools for people who are just starting their adventure with SEO. Read the article and see if you have them all. SEO META in CLICK A plugin that is useful for quickly checking meta tags. The number of headers, the content of the headers themselves. Quickly displaying the robots.txt file and sitemap. Free SEO Plugins for Beginners and Advanc.

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The plugin shows if the recommend length of meta tags is not exce. Headears” tab – in this tab you can see the structure of the headers – the plugin allows you to quickly assess whether the structure is correct. Images” tab – shows how many images are on a given. Subpage (this is useful when analyzing page spe – large images can slow it down), and how many images do not have the alt attribute. “Links” tab – shows how many links are on the page and how Portugal Phone Number List many of them are unique. “Social” tab – shows whether the Open Graph protocol has been us for the page data in social mia. The preview of a post or social mia page on the site.

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Tools” tab – in this tab there are links to other tools. Including Page Spe ​​Insights: Free SEO Plugins for Beginners and Advanc. The META in CLICK SEO plugin is useful for both beginners and advanc SEO specialists. But also for every website owner.  Whether there are meta tags on the page and what is their length. Whether the structure of the headers does not ne to be improv. And whether the Bulk Lead image alts should be optimiz and linking to individual pages should be improv.