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Grounds: the subpage is available at several  properly, the same descriptions were copi from one subpage to another. External duplication External duplication is nothing more than the same content plac on two or more different websites. Grounds: stealing content from other sites, placing on your website product descriptions from the manufacturer’s website, posting the same content in different channels: on the website, in social mia, etc. copying large blocks of text without marking them as a quote. SEO banner dark The most common causes of duplicate content Duplication is a problem that concerns not only content, understood as text on a website, but also technical issues.

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What are the most common causes of duplicate content ? Copying category and product descriptions If the description is display not only on the main page of the category, but also after sorting the products, then there will be a duplication. Copying descriptions from the manufacturer is also a common problem in the case of online stores . If a given product is sold by many different sites and they all use the same description, identical content will appear in many places on the web. The same content on several different subpages: categories or products within your own Guatemala Phone Number List website. Occurrence of the home page at multiple addresses A website may appear at many different URL addresses, stronaglowna.pl stronaglowna.

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If rirects have not been properly perform, Google itself chooses the canonical version , treating the others as duplicates. Several language versions of the site  of a website, it happens that not all content will be translat and identical text in Polish will appear at several addresses , causing unintend duplication. SSL certificate deploy incorrectly Incorrect implementation of the SSL certificate, not rirecting the page from http to https or entering it only to the home page, results in Bulk Lead the existence of two identical pages with the same content.

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