Personalization of descriptions is also

Personalization of descriptions is also

Google Search Console GSC is another tool with which we can detect duplicate content or identical meta tags within a website. Does external duplication hurt SEO? Original, valuable content is desir by Google and reward with a higher position in search results. An advantage from the point of view of website users, for whom such content is more attractive and encouraging to purchase. Therefore, you should strive to eliminate cases of duplication of internal and external content : by demanding the removal of texts copi from our website.

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Reporting cases of content theft to Google or avoiding : copying of content prepar by the producer. If Google determines that the duplicate content is intend to manipulate search results, deceive and mislead users, the site will be penaliz and remov from search results. Semahead offer What about internal duplication? a negative impact on search results if we Honduras Phone Number List don’t establish a canonical version of our page. Then Google will do it itself not necessarily displaying the version of the page we care about.

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So remember to implement the canonical tag on the page that is to be treat by the algorithms as the most important. How to avoid duplicate content? The problem with duplicate content happens even to the best, but there are ways to minimize it. rirects – using rirects is essential.  And Google robots will get to the appropriate, indicat as the main page. Creating original content – ​​in the case of category and product descriptions, it is worth focusing on unique content that Bulk Lead neither the user nor the Google robot will find on any other website on the Internet.

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