Unfortunately in a dramatic moment

What does “not provid” mean and where did it come from? In the past, Google Analytics users could easily analyze the phrases that attract Internet users to their site.  Came for all people in the SEO industry, when the Google search engine domain was rirect from http: to , which result in encryption of phrases that are the source of the user’s journey to the website. This was to increase search security. Initially, rirection to an encrypt address only affect users logg into a Google account, but in the change extend to all searches. This made it much more difficult to analyze the most important keywords that should be taken into account in positioning.

We do not know what phrases

The phrase not provid in Google Analytics appears only in organic search results. In paid results, you can easily check which keywords readers us to find us. The introduc change and distort statistics of search phrases apply only to Google, traffic from other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo is shown in its entirety. Unfortunately, when a significant part of the Belize Phone Number List traffic is obtain from Google, the problem when analyzing data becomes very serious.  Are hidden under not provid , so we can only estimate the values ​​bas on the other visible results. So what can we do to improve our analysis.

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The first place that can help us

Is it possible to somehow gain access to information about the phrases enter by people visiting our website? The answer is: YES!Below are some of the most important methods. Google Analytics – landing pages Let’s start with Google Analytics.  Fight not provid is by analyzing the Landing Pages report . There we won’t get clear information about what phrase l the user to our site, but we can get an idea of ​​what their entry page was. Knowing the subpages visit by customers from the not Bulk Lead provid segment , you will be able to guess what phrases they enter during the search.

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