Let’s now check which diets have enjoy the most interest in the last twelve months to know which products to focus on first. To do this, search for data for the query “diet”, use the “similar queries” table and sort the data by popularity.  Three places there are inquiries relat to the ketogenic diet. The top ten also includes the Dąbrowska, sirt and diabetic diets. Let’s verify the interest in these diets over the last five years. The only diet that interest has been growing in recent years is the ketogenic diet. Dąbrowska’s diet had its best moments in and , after which interest began to decline.

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The popularity of the sirt diet was short-liv for a few months in and then began to decline , which may mean that we were dealing with a temporary fashion here. On the other hand , the interest in a diabetic diet looks very stable. Has been of interest to search engine users invariably since . Monetization How can you monetize the growing interest in the keto diet? Let’s check whether Google Trends is able to provide inspiration to develop a portfolio of products or Belgium Phone Number List services. When analyzing popular queries relat to the ketogenic diet, it can be notic that, apart from searching for recipes, users are interest in phrases containing the words book, pdf, products.

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What is the conclusion?  you can create a store that sells products that are allow in the keto diet. Such a procure will make you open to a new target group – people preparing meals in the comfort of their own kitchen. You can add books relat to the keto diet to the assortment or enter into cooperation with a nutritionist and publish your own print publication The interest in content in PDF form can be translat into the development of an e-book with recipes Bulk Lead and offering it in paid form or as an incentive to subscribe to the newsletter.