Would the day be easier? Sure! We can conduct the initial qualification through well-designed chatbots with ready-made, but very specific scenarios of questions and possible answers. Such a conversation should be a quick brief with feedback for the filler, e.g. – “Thank you for the message! Now we will carefully analyze your inquiry and our Project Manager will contact you within hours.  Well in the case of upselling products and services. All you have to do is separate the paths into: “I’m new here” and “I’m your customer” at the beginning of the conversation with the user.

Thanks to this you save the time

It would also be a good idea to provide a separate chatbot for people logged into their account – then we shorten the path and immediately present topics that will be of interest only to our current customers. All this is aimed at quickly examining the user’s needs and providing information on basic questions, for which it is not always necessary to include the employee in the conversation. Of consultants’ work, and you provide express service to a given group of clients. Chatbots are used not only in the B B industry, they can be very helpful in e-commerce. Their main function Sweden Mobile Number List here will be the recognition of needs and automatic product recommendations in response to customer needs.

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What might an example scenario

As you can probably guess, these recommendations must be well thought out and well-adjusted. In this case, it is best to use bots that are part of marketing automation systems. Their advantage is that they are not only based on product feeds. But above all they use AI & Machine Learning to analyze all user data and create. Product proposals that are maximally tailored. Of such a conversation look like? Depending on the industry and the store’s assortment, we should go from the general to the specific, e.g.: All these features can be clicked in product search filters, but Bulk Lead very often users can get lost in it – especially if the store’s assortment is wide.