Number of conversations and individual messages. Average number of conversations in a given time, average length of a conversation Conversion: depending on the purpose of the implementation, it can be: purchase, providing contact details, With a consultant about the offer, clicking on a link, downloading materials, etc. Other: questions the chatbot didn’t know Answers (for solutions with NLP engine), frequently asked questions, most frequently given answers, results of satisfaction surveys, etc. What to remember when choosing a tool? There are many factors that determine that one tool will work better than another.

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First of all, we must precisely define our needs and measure our strengths for intentions. If you dream of implementing an intelligent bot with many response scenarios, which will additionally be well connected with your CRM or marketing automationCDP system, then you must have internal resources. We are talking primarily about time, as well as a good strategy and a team – including IT – that will ensure that everything is implemented as expected and works flawlessly.  That the more advanced the tool, the more it is likely to cost you. So if you are starting your adventure Switzerland Mobile Number List with bot implementation and you don’t have the resources or time to develop complex scenarios, start with something simpler.

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In addition if you implement a chatbot as support for sales and service activities. It will certainly be important for you to include a consultant in the conversation, or even a short post-service survey. It’s good if this data. Is not stored only in the chatbot. But is connected to your CRM or ticket system. Such integration will guarantee that all information will be in one place. And the client will feel properly taken care of, regardless of who he talks to. Automation Bulk Lead tool, you can most likely use the built-in chatbot.