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Detail description of the contact form Then we can create a short thank you or note for the person filling out the form. Location extension This is a basic extension for companies that sell locally or have a branch of their company locat in a specific place.  To view the address, locations and distance of the user from a given place. After clicking on a given location, the client is automatically transferr to Google maps. Google gives us two options. The first is to add a location manually, while the second is to add a location by connecting to the previously creat Google My Business.

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Of course it is worth remembering to check that the locations are set correctly before connecting. Affiliate location extension As the name says, this is also a localization option. However, it does not display the address itself, and allows companies that have several brick-and-mortar branches to add the option of displaying them at once so that the customer can Philippines Phone Number List choose which one he wants to go to or from which he wants to get information. Local customers and companies specializing in such sales and services. We can choose from two types: retail and car dealers.

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At the account level, we are able to add our store chains and then select them for a specific ad. Price extension The extension is especially useful for companies that sell on the website. It allows us to add up to eight cards to the ad, which will lead after clicking on a dicat product. The cost of such a click is the same as in the case of clicking on the ad. To specific products, so if our ads are focus on remarketing, it will be a great way to Bulk Lead stimulate the customer and invite them back to the site.

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