As the name says, Google has full freom of action and is able to add virtually any type of extension to our ad. It is a convenient application, but very poor in terms of quality. Because we have no influence on the content that Google will adjust and add ads. So if we don’t disable automatic extensions, outdat information, misconfigur locations, or ad content that doesn’t fit at all may get into our ads. So we advise you to be fully aware of their operation if someone wants to use them. Summary Google gives us a lot of scope to work on fine-tuning our Google Ads.

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Ad extensions really give you a lot of room to show off in terms of quality, visibility and the final results of the campaign.  Them, because they often play a key role in how our advertisement is perceiv by potential customers and they improve their quality. No matter what type of business we run, adding extensions will always be a plus. So let’s remember about them, and let’s not be afraid to use – September Catherine Szyszka Before we Poland Phone Number List enter the last quarter of this year for good, remember what our specialists in the field of SEO, PPC, analytics and content marketing wrote about.

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In addition, by taking part in the blog quiz you have the opportunity to test your knowlge of the topics discuss. What is the Performance Max campaign? In January  Google introduc a new type of campaign – Performance Max.  And new solutions that it brings. In the following article, I will focus on presenting Performance Max and the main aspects that it introduces to our work. Quick questions on the topic! START THE QUIZ Link Building in SEO – how to get links? Obtaining Bulk Lead external links is an integral part of domain positioning.