More and more companies are taking practical steps bas on the changing privacy perspective. It is crucial not to treat the topic of e-privacy as a secondary matter.  for this year. Emotionally engaging visuals At the beginning of autumn , Google announc the renaming of the famous Google Data Studio, a tool for transparent data visualization, to Looker Studio. What is it about? In , Alphabet, Google’s parent company, acquir “Looker”. Looker is a business intelligence platform with machine learning, reporting and data visualization.

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It enables the exploration of data from various management systems. October , the two business analytics tools have been officially merg. At the moment, the change is only rebranding, but the plans and possibilities are big. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Google wants to conquer the market of data integration and visualization. Presentations will become exciting and suspenseful, like action movies Analytics as a cure for New Challenges Project in . The importance of analytics in the planning and decision-making process. A reasonable approach to the distribution of company resources to enable their effective use becomes extremely Lebanon Mobile Number List important. Thanks to strategies bas on the right data, your business will be more profitable. However, remember that analytics is not only about quantitative data.

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The perfect supplement is qualitative data provid by tools for heat maps, registration of user activities on the website, surveys, interviews, usability tests. In this way, we are able to study the user experience with the site that cannot be seen in numbers. And in the New Year , we wish you effective reports and analyzes as well as positive user experiences with your website!How to get new customers with Google is a huge platform that has millions of active users, both regular and constantly appearing new ones. In relation to this, acquiring new customers Bulk Lead should not be a problem for anyone.