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The site should Load up quickly Have interesting content Have a specific message Ensure user safety Access to contact details Be crible in your message Have good navigation  justify its action in a simple way. If you have a contact form, it is worth explaining why specific metrics are ne. owever, remember not to exaggerate with the amount of data download from a potential customer, so that the bounce rate is as low as possible. Optimization of Google Ads campaigns Now that we’ve cover the above, it’s time to focus on creating a well-performing campaign.

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The first thing is to determine the form of advertising that is good for us. Whether it will be Performance Max, campaigns in the search network or in the advertising network. It all depends on what we want to achieve. Then we have to make sure that our advertisement reaches a good target group. Therefore, if we have campaigns on the search network, we should choose keywords very well. Without it, our ad has little chance of achieving anything. Then we should Lithuania Mobile Number List choose the audience accordingly, think about how we want to direct our advertising. Let’s not limit ourselves to one ad. It’s always worth trying different solutions.

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These are nothing more than A/B tests that show us in the case of several ads with different content or the type of targeting that work best in this case. A very interesting option is the ability to set Performance Max ads only for acquiring new customers. This goal allows us to set higher bids for new customers and focus our actions so that new customers find our ad. However, in order to enable such a function in a campaign, we must have an audience list with at least active Bulk Lead users appli to it. Who they are and will more easily reach users with a similar profile.

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