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Here are the most important advantages of SEO: . Good return on investment If you manage to position your website in high positions, it will get a lot of traffic compared to even paid ads. The first search results collect over % of the traffic related to a given query. Between the next positions on the first page of search results, of which PPC ads collect only % of clicks. . Long-lasting effects One of the elements of SEO is the so-called evergreen content. High-quality content can stay up-to-date for a long time, so it will generate traffic even many years after publication. Evergreen content – long-term traffic.

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Affordability You can take care of many tasks related to positioning yourself. You only need a few tools that are not difficult to learn or expensive to search for keywords and monitor positions and links. SEO – disadvantages . Sometimes it is necessary to make large and time-consuming investments There are many factors that influence SEO.  is not properly optimized, it will be necessary to carefully edit it or even replace it with something else. . Uncertainty The SEO industry is constantly changing. Google regularly releases various updates, and some of them Cayman Islands Mobile Number List can really shake up the rankings of individual pages. Of course, after some time everything returns to normal, but the fluctuations experienced by the site have consequences.

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However regaining your positions in such a situation requires a quick reaction and compliance with the new guidelines from Google to remedy the problem as soon as possible.  An investment that pays off in the long run As I mentioned earlier, the advantage of SEO is a good ROI, but you have to wait for the effects. How long?  And often even longer – even a Bulk Lead year. For this reason, SEO will not work if you want to promote your offer very quickly.

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