The methodologies us by us

The methodologies us by us

The jury, which includ the most important figures in the marketing industry, appreciat our performance ​​activities for the Vitkac e-shop. This is tantamount to confirming Semahead at the forefront of digital agencies. Award for efficiency and high effects In the campaign carri out for Vitkac, a luxury clothing sales platform, we achiev a very difficult goal of livering products to a recipient interest in clothing from the latest collections of top signers and appreciating their limit availability.  For continuous optimization of performance activities in all digital channels brought the achievement of the goals set by the client with a significant excess. The key to success were business intelligence activities, which allow us to reach high-end customers more precisely.

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In addition, the sign thinking methodology us in the conceptual process allow us to better unrstand the extremely manding target group. Of this project was the effective use of marketing automation technology, which, supporting the techniques of bringing paid and organic traffic to e-commerce, allow for the precise and tailor to the customer profile of pro-sales messages. So far, we have accustom our clients to triumphs in competitions dicat to the performance Spain Mobile Number List industry. The Effie statuette is proof that our efforts are appreciat not only by experts in this field, but also by marketers operating in a broad context, also evaluating business efficiency.

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Including the Performance marketing e-commerce” category in this top plebiscite allow us to appear in a new area and prove that efficiency digital marketing, in which we operate on a daily basis, also serves the attention and esteem of the business environment – says Konrad Błazenek, CEO of Semahead.  pleasing, because in activities for our partner we us almost all our digital marketing competences, attracting Bulk Lead caloric traffic from a narrow target group to the client’s store  he adds.

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