A wrong financial or health cision

A wrong financial or health cision

Your money Your Live therefore applies to areas such as: money and financial cisions (loans, crits, investments, ways of earning health, hygiene, proper diet, etc., civics, knowlge of society and social groups and politics, news and current events, economy and technology, shopping, security in various aspects of life, etc. As you can probably imagine, the consequences of fake news and unreliable content in these areas can be plorable.  Usually has serious consequences. Meanwhile, fake news, “sensational reports”, new treatment methods or information about free loans are springing up online like mushrooms.

Errors affecting EAT Analyzing

Marking pages by Google as YMYL and their thorough examination using the EAT principle is to result in better access to reliable information (increase in position) and worse to junk portals and pages spreading misinformation or fabricat facts crease in rankings. What is eating up your content? The components of the EAT rules, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion Spain Mobile Number List that it is simply a waste of time (and money!) for poor content. What actions weaken the power of your content? Lack of strategy and awareness of own goals If the content on the website is inconsistent and chaotic or, for example, too laconic, recipients may feel lost.

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Users would like to know whose

In orr for them to fully unrstand the goals of your content (and activities), you must first unrstand them yourself. A good strategy is the basis for effective planning of content. That actually meets business goals, and not only pretends to be. Lack of website transparency Lack of basic data about the brand, or maybe the lack of a contact form?  Website they are on, how the company works and how to contact them. This information is also important from the point of view of the Google algorithm, which ennobles transparent websites and treats less favorably those whose Bulk Lead authorship or purposefulness are difficult to verify.

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