In addition it appears in the form

In addition it appears in the form

Advertisements can take different forms and appear in different places. In addition, the GSP advertisement can be sav, mov to another folder or sent to friends – just like any other e-mail. Gmail advertising consists of elements: Ad collaps An advertising teaser appearing in users’ inboxes visually resembles naturally receiv e-mails. It consists of the company name and a short advertising text. It is mark as “Advertisement” and occupies the first position on the list.  Of a block on the right side when reading an advertising e-mail. Ad expand Advertising Email Appears when a user clicks on a collaps ad.

For hotels and rental agencies

Depending on the layout, it takes different forms: users can play a video, fill out a form, click an ad to go to a website, or on a mobile device click an ad to make a call or go to the app store. It may appear as dynamic remarketing. Collaps ad specifications For all templates: Logo: minimum size x px, maximum size: KB, aspect ratio : Company name: up to characters Header: up to characters Text: up to characters Display URL: up to characters Final or Destination URL: No Croatia Phone Number List character limit Expand ads specification Image ad template Image upload: [ – px] x [ – px] Accept image formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF not animat Maximum image size: MB Custom Template Bas on HTML. Detail specification available here.

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How much does Google know about us? The Mountain View tycoon creates a user profile bas on personal data add to the Google account, data of advertisers cooperating with him, but also takes into account his interests or demographics. To find out on what basis Google displays personaliz ads, visit adssettings. googleauthenticat.  To turn off the interest if you decide that it is not in line with your preferences . Of course, all this is done so that the system displays ads that are best suit to the user’s preferences. Here, the user can disable the personalization of ads, limiting Bulk Lead their display. An example of a profile.

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