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If your resources do not allow you to create all possible ones, choose the ones that are most popular and x . Some of the ads may additionally appear on mobile devices and on YouTube. If you’re particularly interest in these placements, make sure you have the right ad formats see table.  Remarketing targeting If you can afford it, create two sets of images. One for new users and the other for remarketers with a different advertising message. You can also create dicat image sets for select remarketing lists.  Make sure you stand out from the competition, taking into account Google’s advertising rules.

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If most of the ads in the Google Display Network appear on a white background or are adjacent to other ads, you should add a thin, at least one-pixel border surrounding the ad to each of the graphics the system may not pass ads on a white background without a px frame. In with the background and will stand out from the competition. Note that all ads must comply with Google’s itorial requirements. More about it here.  Elements wisely When deciding to use all Costa Rica Phone Number List possible ad sizes, pay attention to the arrangement of the graphic components. For smaller ad sizes, not all elements will be visible clearly.

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Try to choose only the most important ones, logo, CTA and advertising message. YouTube Ads Responsive display ads: technical specifications and components To create a responsive display ad, you ne inventory such as: Images Landscape format x minimum size requir Square  minimum size requir logotype Landscape format  minimum size Bulk Lead requir: Square: × minimum size requir: Headers Each header can be up to characters long.

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