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We present it as a percentage. For example, if people visit the website and convert, e.g. send a contact form, the conversion rate will be Google Analytics Ecommerce Conversion Rate It is worth noting that in Google Analytics there is a term “ecommerce conversion rate”, which means “percentage of visits that result in an ecommerce transaction. Of transactions complet during a visit relative to all page visits. For example, if the site has visits and transactions are made, the ecommerce conversion rate will be How to measure website conversions? A very useful and at the same time quite popular tool is Google Analytics.

Thanks to it we can measure conversion

It allows you to collect and analyze traffic statistics and user behavior. And verify the channels through which recipients reach us. It is a great place to study the effectiveness of individual sources, campaigns and specific user segments. It can also detect issues on specific pages or page types that may indicate usability or technical issues. What should the conversion Poland Phone Number List rate be? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. It all depends on the industry in which we operate. For example, a clothing store’s conversion rate will be different than a pet store.

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How to increase website conversion

The number of conversions in price comparison websites or on partner websites will also be completely different, where each click on a link, rirection to another website, means a conversion.  Goals pursu by users have a direct or indirect impact on profit. So it’s no wonder that website owners are strongly focus on increasing the conversion rate. Often, increasing your website traffic isn’t enough. It may turn out that most visits are empty, i.e. they do not bring an engaging user. With the increase in visits, we should see an increasing number of conversions. Conversion Bulk Lead rate optimization consists in taking actions aim at increasing the rate.

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