The base price or higher must

The base price or higher must

We have no influence on which tag and comment will appear in the ad – the system rotates them automatically, adding them to the ads of those products that are most likely to increase sales effectiveness. Example ads with visible Layout tags element When displaying a tag with a comment about a sale price in a Shopping ad, we must remember to meet additional requirements.  Be valid for a period of days in the last days not necessarily consecutive days. The base price must be current. The promotion price must be lower than the base price. The discount must be greater than % and less than %. After meeting the above assumptions, the system should automatically add tags with a comment about the discount.

It is enough to ensure the correct

In the case of dynamic ads, unfortunately, we do not have specific rules regarding in what specific situation and after how much time after the promotion is appli, we can expect a tag for the ad. As you can see, getting Layout tags to appear in an ad is not a complicat process. Configuration of the product fe so that the system rotates tags, thus increasing the competitiveness and effectiveness of product advertisements. contact Comments add Dominican Republic Phone Number List comment Your e-mail address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark comment name Email Magdalena Sekara entries SEE ALL ENTRIES PREVIOUS ENTRY How to set up.

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