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Navigation is one of those areas. If it is assum that the navigation bar on the sktop version is at the top of the page and this is a proven solution and support by many tests, then there is no point in reinventing the wheel. Ergonomics and functionality support by experts Many specialists and experts al with the topic of web usability and improving the usability of websites. One of the most popular is Jakob Nielsen , who start researching the usability of websites in the early. Intifi factors that affect the quality of websites: Learnability , or how easy it is for users to perform basic tasks during their first visit to the website.

Broadly unrstood marketing

Efficiency  or how quickly users can complete tasks once they are familiar with the site? Memorability , i.e. how easily the user regains his proficiency in using the website if he has not us it for a certain period of time? Errors , how many mistakes do recipients make? Are these serious mistakes? How easily can they be correct? Satisfaction , or how pleasant it is to use the website? Is a key element affecting the velopment and profitability of the company. However, spite the best import traffic in the world, a bad user experience with the site will make it also Kenya Phone Number List the “best” wast budgets. That is why the ergonomics of websites, user friendly and matching the content to the recipients are so important.

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There are also qualitative tools

How to find out what crowds of customers expect from us? One of the basic quantitative tools is Google Analytics , where we can study the paths of our users and their purchasing behavior.  Where with the help of heat maps and recordings of user sessions, we can verify hypotheses or create new ones. Before the final implementation of changes on the website, it is worth trying to conduct AB or multi-variant tests and check how the company’s results are shaping up Bulk Lead on the survey sample of recipients.

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