They play a special role in SEO, affecting the position of our website in organic search results. Read the article. Marketing on – what is the phenomenon of the application? Currently, is us by over billion people around the world, while in Poland it is over million – the platform gives the opportunity to reach a very wi number of potential customers. Should you inclu it in your marketing strategy? You will find the answer to these and many other questions in the article below. Read the article. New Facebook page interface. What changes await users in New Facebook page interface.

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What changes await users in ? A more intuitive layout, simplifi navigation between the company page and personal profile, new security features, as well as a dicat news fe – these are just a few of the changes that appear on Facebook on January th. One of the most key novelties is also removing page likes and focusing on followers. What else did the giant from Menlo Park change in the first days of ? Read the article. Long-form – what is it and why is it worth investing Kazakhstan Phone Number List in premium content?Do you think most websites are user-friendly? Or maybe you remember the last biggest frustration? In this article, we will tell you the secret of how to make your website useful for the user.

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Imagine waking up early in the morning and wanting to turn on the light without getting out of b. Meanwhile, the switch is by the broom door. How will you feel? It pends”  but there will certainly be a hint of frustration. The gree of usability of things and processes, i.e. the features that make their use useful or not, accompanies us every day. When signing a kitchen in your home or apartment, did you pay attention to where the sink should be and where the stove should be? During use, it can Bulk Lead really make a huge difference :). The same is true for websites.