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Influencer marketing is based on the fact that such people have reach, and their opinion is very important to many. For this reason, establishing cooperation with them can be very beneficial from a marketing point of view. Is a form of advertising that will continue to evolve. It is worth keeping this in mind, because perhaps IM will prove useful even for your company. SEO vs PPC – a comparison of the pros and cons of both marketing methods September , Daniel Podgorski minutes Internet marketing is currently one of the most important tools for gaining customers.

This is done mainly through Publishing

Of course it includes many methods – one of the most common divisions you can meet is SEO and PPC. So what are the pros and cons of these solutions? Which of them should you choose? You will find out in this article. SEO – advantages SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists in adapting websites to search engines (Google by default) so that they are able to occupy the highest positions in them. Content optimized for relevant keywords. Building a link profile. Taking care of the technical aspects of the website (loading speed, navigation, etc.). Here are the most important advantages of SEO: . Good return on investment If you manage to position your Cambodia Mobile Number List website in high positions, it will get a lot of traffic compared to even paid ads.

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One of the elements of SEO

The first search results collect over % of the traffic related to a given query. The remaining inputs are mainly between the next positions on the first page of search results, of which PPC ads collect only % of clicks. Long-lasting effects  is the so-called evergreen content. High-quality content can stay up-to-date for a long time, so it will generate traffic even many years after publication. Evergreen content – long-term traffic. Affordability You can take care of many tasks related to positioning yourself. You only need a few tools that are not difficult to learn or Bulk Lead expensive to search for keywords and monitor positions and links. SEO – disadvantages.

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