So why should URLs be SEO friendly

So why should URLs be SEO friendly

This can be improv by using e.g. canonicals or rirects depending on the situation. However, it is worth taking care of it before it happens – ensuring that one resource is available at one address.  Namely, because addressing is a very important element of building a website. It is worth thinking about it before publishing the first subpages. Keep the structure simple and readable for the convenience of users and robots. Want to know more? Ask our specialists a question  contact Comments add comment Your e-mail address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark comment name Email Carolina Baran SEO Specialist Since , he has been helping Semahead’s clients to gain top positions in search engines.


Entries Your brand is what you make it. What are brand archetypes and why do you ne them? NEXT ENTRY Lead Nurturing – rundant content or must have? Do you want to start cooperation with us? Fill out the Brief! Your brand is what you make it. What are brand archetypes and why do you ne them? content marketing September , semahead Interpersonal communication is conducive to getting to know the character of another person. Do we like talking to Slovenia Phone Number List people who seem bland and have nothing interesting to say? So why would anyone want to buy products from a brand that has no specific character and value.

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This concept is most often us

Brand Archetypes is a simple tool that will help you define them! The difficult word “archetype” Archetype is a word that your Polish teacher may have us to torment you in high school. In relation to literature and culture or psychology (e.g. in the concept of Carl Gustav Jung) – however, it has also perfectly adapt to the realities of marketing and thinking about the brand. “Archetype” (from the Greek arche – “beginning”, typos – “type”) is the original pattern (prototype) of a character, fix in culture , widely recognizable and associat with specific values. Even more Bulk Lead precisely, an archetype is a set of features and values ​​that characterize a given character.

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