It is much more difficult to visualize communication in the brand-customer relationship, because the brand itself is not a person and does not have the ability to speak (until we give it this ability). The choice of archetypes is therefore, in a way, giving it personality and character – empowering it, so that it is easier to imagine the brand as a sender of messages.  We have the idea that a specific character is speaking here – an Explorer, a Sage, a Ruler, a Wizard, or someone completely different. The use of the brand archetypes tool allows us to design messages much easier and more accurately.

In The classic typology we have archetypes

It is also much more likely that they will be consistent and that thanks to them the target group will be able to identify with the values ​​we convey. The brand archetype is therefore nothing more than an allegory of its character. Each archetype has its own superpowers! to choose from, each of which carries specific values: Innocent – selflessness, innocence, virginity, idealistic approach; Explorer – pursuit, self-discovery, search, adventure; Sage – wisdom Ukraine Phone Number List mastery, knowlge, experience; Jester – humor, irony, creativity, distance; Ordinary man – universality, usefulness, adaptability; Creator – creativity, originality, artistry.

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There are different typologies of archetypes

Guardian – help, caring, responsibility; Admirer (Lover) – sensuality, beauty, passion; Hero – courage, striving for a goal, activity; Rebel – rebellion, innovation, individualism; Wizard – magic, creativity, transformation; Ruler – power, leadership, domination. Of course, these are not the only archetypes you can use. Which also list many others (or identical to the above, but appearing under different names. Can a brand have only one archetype? Absolutely not. In the process of shaping the character of the brand (read: creating its communication strategy), you can Bulk Lead use many archetypes at the same time, looking for unique connections between them.