There are at least several ways

There are at least several ways

Therefore, it is always best to get interest in the topic yourself and indicate alternative language versions of your website. How to implement hreflangs? to implement the hreflang attribute. HTML – as a link in the HTML hear, as in the case of the Semahead page. The hreflang attribute is select from the standardiz ISO-ISO – nomenclature. Another option is also to use ISO – alpha . Nevertheless, the country name must appear in a standardiz abbreviation: here are the skins en.wikipia.orgwikiList_of_ISO_ – _cos. We enter the country by country co, PL. HTTP hears (e.g. if it is a PDF document). Then it looks like this: <>; sitemap . Correctly ma sitemap including local versions of the site from the Google velopers Gui: velopers. googlesearchdocsadvanccrawlinglocaliz-versions visit.

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The sitemap implementation method, which inclus the language version, can be found in the veloper gui link above Traditionally, as in the case of WordPress, it is possible to use a plugin that will implement hreflangs in the correct way without our active interference in the co. Available are, for example: Polylang, WPML. Of course the scope of their operation is different. At the same time, let’s remember that while it is possible to implement hreflangs with this Lithuania Phone Number List plugin, automatic translation of the page is not recommend, because, spite the increasingly velop possibilities of work automation, the translations are not binary.

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