What are the most important algorithms from the Silicon Valley tycoon and how do they work in the service of even better content search? The answer in the article below! According to the WeAreSocial report, the Internet, and with it search engines, are becoming an indispensable element of human life. Over . billion people us the internet in , which is % of the population. The previous year. Due to the popularity of the Internet, tools are necessary that help you find yourself in the maze of various websites, after all, the Internet is not only social mia.

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Such tools are Internet search engines, and among them the most popular (according to data from January ), i.e. Google. Percentage distribution of users of given search engines by netmarketshare is as follows: Google – . % Baidu – . % Bing – . % Yahoo! – . % DuckDuckGo – . % The Google search engine uses a ranking system to display the most relevant search results.  Of a series of algorithms. Google’s algorithms are advanc processes with a specific pattern of behavior, whose task is to evaluate websites and rank them according to pretermin criteria. Their Colombia Mobile Number List main goal is to present the most natural and diverse results that will accurately answer the query of search engine users. Google’s algorithms use hundrs, if not thousands, of different ranking factors.

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Only some of them have been officially confirm by a Google employee – most are conjectures. What the ranking factors are, but also how important they are in the overall calculation. It is estimat that Google’s algorithm is updat about times a year. Algorithm updates are usually minor, do not lead to large reshuffles in search results, and their large number is associat with the use of machine learning. Some, however, are large enough to have their own name. PageRank Page Rank was the first attempt Bulk Lead to rank Google’s search results. It consist in assigning a specific value using a mathematical algorithm.