If the user does not see any generat content on their screen for the first few seconds, there is a very high probability of leaving the page, which will lead to an increase in the bounce rate.  For slow page loading are too large an image and a script that delays loading. Checking the current state of the website is possible by using tools such as GooglePage SpeInsight or Gtmetrix . Read more about improving page loading spe here. Content quality improvement It is important that the content on our website is well suit to user queries.

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Articles, descriptions (e.g. of products, categories) should contain all information important from the user’s point of view. The text should contain headings and bolds so as to indicate to the user important fragments of the text from our point of view.  Of texts for SEO can be found here . In addition – short paragraphs, images and any bullet points will help to keep the user’s attention, as is the case on the keemple blog . SSL issues If we do not have an SSL certificate Chile Phone Number List implement on our website, users who access our website may see the following message: A r exclamation mark and a warning about a potential threat will effectively deter many users.

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That is why it is so important that our SSL certificate is always up to date. Adding events in Google Analytics Sometimes a high bounce rate is not caus by errors on the website or mismatch of content with user queries.  Is plac on the home page, but it does not send any events to Google Analytics. After entering the website, the user will use the form by sending an inquiry and will leave the website. What will be the effect? Rejection in Analytics. It is important Bulk Lead to add additional events to all relevant buttons available on the page.