Pages That are not secure on most

Pages That are not secure on most

When it comes to the indirect impact of the certificate on SEO, the first thing to mention is the increase in trust in a given website in the eyes of the user. Browsers will display a message that is not secure, which may discourage the user from converting within the site. As a result, this translates into an increase in the bounce rate, which can have a negative impact on the visibility of the page. If the site is secure, the user will spend more time on it and extend the duration of the session within it.

If our website had satisfactory visibility

This behavior tells Google that the site and the information on it is valuable, which will be positively perceiv. Implementation of the SSL certificate – how not to lose the obtain positions? With the implementation of the certificate, the HTTP prefix in the URL will be replac with HTTPS. This means that all website URLs will change. Until the certificate was implement, it should be ensur that it does not change. For this to happen, several things ne to be Uganda Mobile Number List taken care of, such as: checking and setting missing rirects for addresses from HTTP to HTTPS (if the certificate was implement using a plugin, this problem will be automatically solv), website sitemap update, verification of canonical addresses and internal links.

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Early implementation of changes and verification

In accordance with the new addresses checking the correctness of indexing new HTTPS addresses error verification in Google Search Console for newly creat errors If you follow all the recommendations mention above, you can rest assur that your site’s rankings will remain intact.  of possible errors will allow you to maintain the website’s visibility at the same level as before installing the certificate. Summary As of today, it is much more common to Bulk Lead encounter a site with an encrypt connection on the Internet than without it.

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