The Europe of the euro banknotes in May . In addition to increasing the resistance of the banknote in use. The new banknotes also change their color, passing from emerald green to dark blue, producing the effect of light shifting in a vertical direction. Also, on banknotes, the euro symbol appears several times inside the number. A hologram with four elements can be seen on the right side of the banknote. European Central Bank INNOVATION Updat on. Admin ~ minutes of reading Uncertainty is one of the main challenges fac by those who carry out online transactions: buying, selling or paying various bills and registrations.

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In not a few cases, an online purchase from Tongliao Phone Number List an unsafe seller has result in other unauthoriz purchases and the depletion of funds in the bank account, thus bringing about an odyssey of disputes until the problem is identifi. Unfortunately, in this process, card users are lost. Fac with this phenomenon that is growing more and more all over the world, the most suitable solution has been the establishment of new security mechanisms that certify the buyer, the seller and the money transfer bridge. This new mechanism is the D SECURE security system. Basically, D Secure is an authentication process, which aims to ruce fraud and abuse. Increase the security of bank card holders and also ruce the burden of those who sell or buy online services and products.

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This new security process is an additional Bulk Lead step in the. Card payment process, where a new window appears on the customer’s computer or mobile screen, asking him to prove that he is the one willingly making the financial transaction through a code single-use security and that comes with SMS. In this way,The article was previously publish on page of issue of Business Magazine Albania . You Can Browse Here no. of her This innovation has already been brought . To Albania for FREE by CRINS Bank for its customers What should be consider.