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If you use this as a basis for your story, the recipients will understand your story very quickly. This is because there is a cultural meaning and collective consciousness behind this mental model. On the other hand, if you start your story with a socially. Irrelevant word such as “flying bottle,” then your story is very likely to fail.  not happen, because the structure of the common mentality remains the same: an object is chosen which is us by people on a daily basis (car, bottle) and a certain ability is add to it flying.

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The flying car is already anchor in our culture, which is why the recipients are strongly engag by this idea. giphy Strategic foresight helps build imaginary storytelling How can collective narratives and myths be defin in a specific culture? Strategic Canada Mobile Number List Foresight is an innovation tool and starts with myths.  of consumers on the basis of a collective imagination, on which we can build ideas for innovations. The content should be factually correct, but also free of spelling or stylistic errors. Avoid duplicate content. You should not copy content from other sites, but also duplicate them within one site. You can learn more about this in our previous article: Duplicate content vs. unique content on a website.

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Today Airbus doestalk a lot about themselves. And that just by launching a new product that builds on the collective imagination of a flying car. Well, it’s not really a flying car.of a shar imagination. The only reason why these flying cars from Airbus manag to get a lot of attention from everywhere, including the mia. One reason is certainly that there is much Bulk Lead more behind this idea of ​​flying cars: the general understanding of freom. This is associat with the idea of ​​escaping congest traffic and relieving cities of congestion and pollution.

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