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It drives sales and builds a positive relationship with the brand. Storytelling is just one of a thousand terms in today’s marketing world.  Their storytelling . That’s great. But don’t think that storytelling alone can solve all your marketing and communication problems. Mischief: Storytelling without spine Consumers, users, customers. Even managers call storytelling-bas initiatives crap. We have to agree with them here. Why is that? Figuratively speaking, we are moving on a field which is delimit by a thin r line.

Your storytelling nes backbone

It is important not to exce this. Using a compelling story to convey reality to the audience is fine. But if the fiction goes beyond reality and thus beyond this r line, you become a liar. And people don’t like it when you lie to them. Companies don’t always have a story to tell. So they tell a story that aims to bridge this void. Let me tell you one thing: If you exaggerate with your fiction, people will immiately debunk your lie. Your consumers and customers are Brazil Mobile Number List not stupid.  It has to be bas on real facts. The real will usually be your product, service or even the daily reality in which people deal with problems.

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Without the backbone your product

Your product or service will eventually help solve the existing problem. At this point, I have to reveal a message that you may not like to hear: if your product or service is not good, even the best story will not make it better, quite the opposite, because Bulk Lead good storytelling creates an expectation.  or service will be unable to meet those expectations. A good text should therefore be specific, and at the same time comprehensively discuss a given issue. Take care of the content structure. Divide the text into paragraphs according to the principle that one paragraph of the text should correspond to one thought, highlight the most important fragments in bold and use subheadings.

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