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Dynamic remarketing This method of remarketing should be known to all e-commerce owners, because it is much more develop, because it adjusts the message exactly to the customer and what he view on our website. We can adjust our display of advertisements in such a way that they will be shown products that they have view in the past.  For the client and “closing” the conversion. Video remarketing This is another opportunity to use remarketing, but using video resources. Google gives us the ability to direct our video (previously add to the Youtube platform) to users who have interact with a given channel.

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Remarketing to mailing lists It is a method strongly focus on specific recipients. We can use, for example, customer marketing lists. Facebook remarketing As you can guess, the definition of remarketing for other platforms does not change. Just like on Google, the same on Facebook, this action is bas on directing advertisements to customers who have already Turkey Phone Number List had contact with our website. Within the Facebook platform itself. We don’t ne a website. Facebook gives you the opportunity to target ads to people who have integrat with our profile.

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There are two types of remarketing on Facebook: Dynamic remarketing – it is bas on the fact that we display products or services to users that they have already view.  For a specific action. The banners display are personaliz for each user we have on the list. Manual remarketing – is nothing more than creating sets of advertisements and directing them to recipients who have had contact with our profile or website in the past. Unlike Google, for remakreting to work for Facebook, we ne to implement Bulk Lead Pixel on the website. This can be compar to pasting the code that is responsible for the conversion.

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