Thanks to them it is possible

Thanks to them it is possible

What is a plugin and how do I install it? A plug- in is an additional website software bas on a PHP script, which is us to extend its functionality and usability. To expand the website without the ne for programming. WordPress plugins are available in the CMS side panel and on the official Word Preess website. After searching for the plug-in you want to install, download it and then activate it on our website. The whole process is quick and easy to do. After activating the plugin, we can enjoy the range of options it offers us and start iting the page.

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SEO banner dark How to choose the right plugin? The number of plug-ins available for download can be overwhelming and choosing the right one is often a challenge. Two basic guidelines can help us make a decision. The first is the overall rating of the plugin. Users who have install a given plugin can rate their level of satisfaction with its usability on a scale of one to UAE Phone Number List five.  The rating, the better the choice. The second indicator that can help us make a decision is the number of downloads that appears next to each plugin.

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It is available in two versions

Again, the higher the number of downloads, the better. List of plugins worth installing: Plugins to optimize and improve website performance Yoast SEO – the most popular plug-in for website SEO support, which facilitates the work of many positioners. It is also worth adding that it is the most install plugin on WordPress, us by over five million users. Free and premium. The basic version allows us to introduce a number of basic changes from the point of view of positioning. These include: changing the meta title and meta description of the website, setting the Bulk Lead canoical tag, or iting the robots and htaccess files, as well as generating and configuring the sitemap.

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