Google Analytics allows you to which can be freely segment after user engagement and export to Google Ads.  Dynamic Remarketing Contrary to appearances, it is not reserv only for e-commerce. Google allows you to advertise in this way services and products from the following activities: ucation, Flights, Hotels and rentals, Job offers, Local offers, Real estate, Travel. More information here . . Use the potential of the most effective targeting methods available in the panel Custom Intent Audiences and In-Market Audiences.

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These targeting methods will provide you with access to new users actively searching for specific services on the web recently, genuinely interest in your service .  GSP Campaigns Gmail Sponsor Promotions They enable the display of interactive sometimes expandable advertisements in the inbox on the “Offers” and “Communities” tabs. An expand ad can contain a video, image, or embd form.  Ad, the user can interact with it in different ways play a video, fill out Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List a form, go to a website after clicking. Here we can also connect a data file to display ads of recently view properties, real estate for sale. Google Ads will allow you to quickly reach your target group and expand your customer base, as well as obtain information about it.

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Knowing who your recipient is you can save time and money, because you already know who to direct your advertising message to. Properly conduct campaigns are a guarantee of regularly incoming leads, as well as a way to engage potential and future customers with interesting display graphics, video spots or simply outstanding advertising content. And if you ne an effective advertising campaign in the search network – contact us!The Semahead agency found itself in a very narrow and honorable group of nominees in the most important competition for the marketing industry – Effie Poland !  Players on the digital market, appreciat the effects of performance ​​Bulk Lead activities conduct by our specialists for the VITKAC brand.