The winners will be announc

The winners will be announc

Who will receive the covet award this year? on November during the official gala. Every year, more and more people do regular online shopping. In , % of Internet users made purchases, which is % more than in Gemius,. This is very optimistic news for e-commerce owners, because it clearly shows that the base of potential customers is constantly growing. What to do when users in your store make only one-time purchases, and yet they could come back? In this article you will read about how to design a win-back campaign.

The trick is for him to stay

Marketing AutomationIt is not difficult to bring a user to your store. Make the deal, and then come back – and not just once. The key to success turns out to be “special treatment”. In life as in business, we are willing to do more for someone we know and who is important to us in some way. But how to do it in an online store when we don’t have a face-to-face relationship with our client? This is where Marketing Automation systems come in handy, thanks to which you Bulgaria Phone Number List will collect all declarative, behavioral and transactional data in one place, and then rirect it to appropriate paths for key audiences. Below I present you the actions that you can implement.

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The simplest and cheapest way

As part of the win-back campaign and loyalty of your customers. Emails  to remind one-time customers about yourself. The nature of this communication is entirely up to you. You don’t always have to immiately offer a “carrot” in the form of a cost ruction or free delivery and other freebies. Try to start with content that is attractive in itself. Equally important is the visual side of your email. In this article you will learn, among other things: which channels to use in a win-back campaign why retargeting is so important which affects Bulk Lead customer loyalty why it is worth introducing  tests.


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