Should you trust a hosting provider for data backup? Hosting companies differ in the frequency of backups – some do them even several times a day, while others rarely or not at all. It’s worth asking about it, and even going a step further and asking for a backup of the site – just like that, for no reason. Just to check the efficiency and effectiveness of communication. We will have a develop scheme of action. In addition, it is worth checking how quickly the hosting responds – do they send a copy after a few hours, or does it take them a few days.

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It is also worth checking how often they back up pages – if they do it often, it may turn out that they already have expir data and store useless copies of the page.  These are of course random cases, but hosting companies can fail, a server room can burn down, and all your data can be lost. That is why it is so important not to be dependent on the data center of our hosting and in addition to their copy of the site, it is also worth having your own. Where to store Henan Mobile Phone Numbers website backup? Making a website backup is only the first step – its proper storage is an equally important element. Well, it should be plac on a different server than WordPress is install.

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The WordPress database

In the event of server problems or hacking, data will be lost, so you should store them in a place separate from the website. This can be a computer disk or a separate FTP server. Another option is free clouds, e.g. Google DriveGoogle Drive services. If the choice is a free cloud, it should be properly secur. Contains every post, every link, and every comment. You should ensure the confidentiality of this data, e.g. by using two-step verification and setting a secure Bulk Lead password that is not us to log in to other sites.