Backups should be done periodically

Backups should be done periodically

How to properly back up a website bas on CMS WordPress? In the settings, we can set the frequency of copying files and databases and how many copies will be stor (two by default, five is recommend). We can leave a manual backup or select the option for the plug-in to do it on its own from time to time. However always remember that if you set up automatic backup, it may happen that the UpdraftPlus plugin will back up the page before we realize that something is wrong. That’s when more than the last two copies come in handy. It is worth having at least one “older” one from a few months ago, and not relying only on the last one made.

The matter gets more difficult

How to properly back up a website bas on CMS WordPress?  When the page “breaks down” to such an extent that we will not be able to get to the WordPress panel. How to act in such a situation? You must log in to your FTP account. After connecting to the server, create a folder to which we will transfer all files from our backup (that’s why it is so important to export data from the backup to another drive to the cloud) Next, you ne to transfer the database – add a Jiangsu Mobile Phone Lists new database and change its name in the wp-config.php file. Plugin backup Plugin updates are necessary for the security of the site.

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How to properly back up a website

However doing so can cause problems with WordPress, especially if the updat version of the plugin is incompatible with the version of WordPress. If this happens, then we can restore the previous version of the plugin with WP Rollback. How to properly back up a website bas on CMS WordPress? After installing it, a link to Rollback appears next to each plugin in WordPress: Bas on CMS WordPress? After the transition, we can restore the older version of the plugin Bulk Lead or update it to a newer one (we can choose one that is compatible with our WordPress environment.

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