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In the event that the photo or video does not show the true image, you can submit a request to remove such an entry. Questions & Answers  users can quickly ask a question or make a suggestion to you. The user can ask a question relat to the activities of your company. Questions are visible to all users. Each logg-in user can ask questions that are worth answering as far as possible. In the case of content that contains advertising of other stores, links or profanity – Google simply removes it.

What to do if our company closes

SEO banner dark Can I delete a business card?  Its operations or you just want to give up running it? In the event of a change of location of the company’s place of business or its closure, it is possible to mark the “Permanently clos” business card. This choice informs customers about the termination of business, but still leaves a business card visible on the web. If you Guangdong Mobile Phone Numbers want to completely get rid of the business card, select the “Delete page” option in the settings. In this case, the business card will be permanently delet, but not immiately, but after a short period of time. Summary For local businesses, having a Google My Business listing is a must.

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The more information you

The business card is usually the first point of contact for a user with your company.  Include in it, the more likely the user will choose your company. Take the time to create and complete details about your business, products or services and you will reach a wide range of customers in your region. Remember – it will only take a few minutes and you can gain a lot. contact Comments add comment Your e-mail address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark Bulk Lead comment name Email Kamil Tekiela entries.

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