Setting the group to private will arouse greater curiosity and greater desire to see unavailable content, which will translate into the number of requests to join. Facebook gives you the ability to hide groups, which is the equivalent of secret groups. In this case, not only can’t you see what’s going on in the group, it can’t be search at all. In this case, users are add to the group by sending invitations. Suitable for companies, except when, for example, companies want to focus around a group of participants of a given training or project.

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If the company is already large and does not emphasize the acquisition of new fans, it can use the group secrecy option to distinguish a given group of users, giving you access to exclusive content or discount codes.  Cannot rely on Facebook’s recommendations and users’ self-searching for the group. For brands, the optimal privacy setting is a clos group – users are Belarus Phone Number List guarante privacy, they can locate the group. In turn, the moment of accepting the sent request has a positive effect on the sense of belonging and appreciation of the content publish in the group.

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How to start and grow a Facebook group. Below is a summary of the three privacy options: How to start and grow a Facebook group Voila. The group is creat! Now it’s time to complete all the elements. First of all, it is worth taking care of the background photo – its dimensions are x pixels.  Consistent with your brand’s Key. Visual and may subtly contain its logo – there is nothing to hide from users. Who is the owner of the group. If you don’t push the sales group Bulk Lead intrusively, and the group. Meets the specific nes of users, they will have no problem with it.