It’s a powerful who you are talking to Hybrid working clearly has many advantages, but the disadvantages are also obvious. For example, it is necessary that you can rely on digital communication. And by ‘rely on’ I don’t just mean: your tools work and are accessible, so you can work from home at all. I also mean: you have to be able to trust that you are communicating with the right person. Online it’s easier to impersonate someone else. Scammers take advantage of that. You may have heard of WhatsApp conversations where scammers impersonate a family member or friend. Your ‘son’ then explains with an unknown number that something has happene to his old phone, hence the unknown number.

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Now of course money is urgently neee to pay a bill … fill in how it ends. CEO fraud in a new jacket Actually, this type of scam is a bit older. After all, in the business domain, we know this approach photo editor as CEO fraud. In that case, someone poses as a CEO or other executive and exerts pressure. For example, scammers make someone pay a bill quickly or gain access to sensitive company documents. If everyone works at the same location at the same times, it is relatively easy to check whether an email or payment request is authentic. But if people work hybrids and therefore see each other less often in person.

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It is easier for someone with bad intentions to get a foot in the door. Work and private life: an increasingly thin line In addition, work and private life are becoming more intertwine as a result of hybrid work. Employees connect to their own WiFi network or even finish a document on a private laptop. As a result, leake private Bulk Lead data can eventually be misuse to attack organizations. With the many data breaches at online stores and online platforms, it is now a lot easier to become a victim of this. Organizations can arm themselves against this, for example, by working with fixe protocols, so that a scammer falls through the basket earlier.