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Activities may It is also worth posting there business cards of company team members, thanks to which the candidate will be able to meet his potential colleagues. An interesting idea is to enrich the tab with inspiring videos showing everyday life in the company or the most interesting moments from integration events for employees. Attractive recruitment advertisements The first impression is of great importance. The content and appearance of a job advertisement often determine whether a potential candidate decides to send his/her application for a given position.

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In order not to lose the chance to employ valuable, talente people. Who could bring a lot of good to the company, you should ensure professionalism and excellent photo editor quality of recruitment advertisements. A decent advertisement should be legible and written in an interesting way. It is worth including elements of the company’s visual identity in it.  Such as the company’s colors, logo or slogan that the company is guide by. The job description must be easy to understand, exhaustive and authentic. An advertisement prepare in this way will stand out from.

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Communication an important

This is often the foundation of an EB strategy. It indicates the condition of the brand, its goal system, the language use by employees, the dress code.  The appearance of the headquarters, savoir-vivre and rituals in force in the company, the code of ethics. It is a set of norms, behaviors and values ​​that distinguish Bulk Lead the company from others.  Distinguish it on the market. employer branding activities Internal employer branding activities.  Are an investment in the future of the company. We often focus on promoting our brand among clients and contractors.

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