Black, Gray or White Hat – which hat to choose? SEO February , semahead People who are interest in the subject of SEO have probably come across terms such as Black Hat, Gray Hat and White Hat more than once. But what does this mean and what is the impact of these actions on the page rankings? Of a positioner is bas on the techniques that are hidn unr these mysterious names. Black Hat SEO – what is it? SEO has a lot of techniques, some of them are more or less in line with the rules impos by Google. Black Hat SEO stands on the “dark si of the force.

The most commonly us techniques

This means that any activities in this area are inconsistent with the assumptions. Using this technique, we expose ourselves to penalties from Google, which can significantly ruce our visibility in the SERP. The Black Hat SEO strategy is extremely effective and brings results, but in the long run, the effects of this can be very harmful to the website.  In Black Hat SEO: Keyword stuffing, i.e. excessive stuffing of key phrases in an unnatural way, Spam link acquisition, e.g. on internet Taiyuan Mobile Phone Numbers forums, creating link farms, or even the Link Exchange System, Hiding content (Cloaking), e.g. white text on a white background.

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Using the Black Hat SEO strategy

Although it is not visible to the user, Google will easily find such content, Low-quality content (thin content) that does not provi any value to the user. As we can see, there are many actions that should not be us, and certainly should not be the whole behavior. Although it allows you to easily achieve the intend goals, it may turn out at any time that it has contribut to the loss of positions that will not be regain for a very long time. Before taking any steps, it is worth consiring what we want to achieve and why. White Hat SEO – “the bright si of the force” After discussing this less favorable Bulk Lead positioning tactic, we can move on to the fully acceptable activities, i.e. White Hat SEO.