Not every conversion is of equal importance to the client, even if the account we run is not e-commerce, we recommend optimizing the campaign for the conversion value. On which the algorithms are bas is important. Regular verification by a specialist of the correctness of the collect data and a quick, appropriate reaction in the event of any anomalies are important. In addition to the increasing importance of the amount and quality of data for which the system optimizes campaigns, due to the velopment of solutions bas on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we also observe.

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A growing value, including: – advertising creation and well-thought-out communication, – optimization of the entire shopping path bas on data-driven attribution, – supporting the operation of algorithms by providing them with additional on the client, the role of the specialist is to ucate the Partner, showing him what he should work on so that the campaigns give the best results. Without the commitment and cooperation of both parties, campaigns will be less effective. The role of the SEM specialist Smart campaigns are very good at optimizing campaigns. In real Shandong Mobile Phone Numbers time, they optimize parameters bas on a huge amount of data. Nevertheless, a good SEM specialist running the account is a necessary complement to them, not a contradiction.

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Professionals should work in synergy

The human factor continues to play an important role in many areas. Artificial Intelligence is veloping faster and faster and there is nothing to suggest that this will change.  With it to maximize results. In addition to effectiveness, the advantage of using smart campaigns is the significant time savings that specialists previously had to spend on very low-level optimization, e.g. ad click rates for each keyword. Currently, they can focus on much more interesting, more creative tasks, which gives not Bulk Lead only additional value for the client, but also greater satisfaction for the specialist himself.