It is worth thinking in advance

It is worth thinking in advance

Content Marketing in the fight for the customer’s attention It is true that Black Friday and the ubiquitous promotions associat with it can encourage even the most frugal people to open their wallets. On Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, we are willing to spend more – but also the competitiveness of offers, discounts and promotions is much greater than on any other shopping occasions. About preparing an offer and planning appropriate content for this occasion. Keep in mind that customers on this day expect really big promotions rather in the order of – than – %. What if you can’t offer them that much discount? It is worth thinking about additional attractions and bonuses.

It is important that the above

This can be for example: free delivery, extend payback period, gifts, freebies or samples for purchases, discount coupons and discounts for subsequent purchases, discount coupon to be us in partner stores, intangible bonuses access to interesting content, e-book  etc happy hours big discounts, but only in a short, strictly defin period of time, etc.  Benefits have a unique character – tailor to the occasion and nes of your clients. If you use the above bonuses constantly or at least Afghanistan Mobile Number List on every major occasion and your customers know about it, don’t advertise them as something unique.

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Regardless of what discounts and promotions you are able to provide your customers. You can attract them like a magnet and stand out from the competition – with the help of properly prepar content. You don’t have to limit yourself to  blog guides like ” things you ne to buy on Black Friday. Known that he does not have to Try to direct the recipient’s attention to shopping motivations you know consumer insights and lifestyle trends that interest your target Bulk Lead group. How to do it? Here are X ready examples.

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