However remember not to make

However remember not to make

Anti-haules perfectly fit into anti-consumer, minimalist, pro-environmental and zero waste trends. They also often emphasize that shopping should be done reasonably, guid by quality, not quantity. So if this philosophy is close to your brand, you sell high-quality, “reusable” or ecological items – this form is definitely for you. It an intrusive advertisement.  Wishlist: it’s time to make your dreams come true! Replace traditional shopping guides or articles listing trends top products in your store, etc. with wishlists – lists of products that arouse desire the most. You can create thematic “wish lists” – things that cannot be missing in the kitchen of a pastry lover.

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Of course there are infinitely many ideas – depending on the subject of your industry. Remember, however, that the idea of ​​a wishlist is to arouse desire and make the recipient actually add the item to their “buying list of desires. Show products in the natural context of their use ready-made stylizations of clothes or appetizing cookies made with your molds, as well as. surround by other objects. Why? See next point. pinterestpin. Lookbook: a way to sell ready-made looks Afghanistan Mobile Number List It often happe ns that under the influence of the decision to buy one thing, we buy “matching” other things.

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For example, after buying a new coat, we are more likely to buy a handbag or scarf that will create a matching set even if we do not ne them and did not plan to buy them earlier. So if you want to increase the value of your users’ basket on Black Friday, give them ready-made ideas for sets.  Are eye-catching photos. When designing graphics or infographics, use microcontent in the form of short tips. Real Time content, last-minute reminders Content on the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber ​​ be plann in advance, but you can’t forget about the Bulk Lead ultimately motivating shopping stimuli in the form of real-time content.

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