For SEO activities verification

For SEO activities verification

In accordance with the art, an account manager should ensure that the project goes smoothly from the finalization of the contract to the implementation of activities, hence it is crucial to ensure that the specialists write out such sentences as:Of access to Google Search ConsoleGoogle Analytics at the appropriate level, verification of access to the website’s CMS panel, providing the SEO specialist with set micro and macro goals and how to calculate them, commissioning an audit of the client’s current activities and direct competition. For PPC activities: verification of access to Google Analytics at the appropriate level.

For MA activities verification

Verification of access to ad accounts at the appropriate level and payments on the account, verification of the functioning of tracking codes, events and conversion tags, verification of the set micro and macro goals for the duration of the contract.  Of access to the Marketing Automation tool, verification of access to Google Analytics at the appropriate level, verification of the completeness and correctness of the MA tool integration with the client’s website, audit of the client’s previous activities and the level of use of the MA system, obtaining access to the repository of South Korea Mobile Number List graphic materials and fonts used on the client’s website. For CM activities: verification whether the client has provided (if any): tone of voice, marketing strategy, calendar of the most important promotions or events, verification whether.

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The power of the checklist – if

The customer has provided (if any) a specification regarding purchasing personas, preparation of the action schedule, obtaining materials for the preparation of visual content. logo in curves, font, etc., for some industries and projects – obtaining additional materials, e.g. internal training presentations, products, etc. Tip! You do not use project systems where you can “tick off” individual tasks, create a simple checklist in excel to control the onboarding process more easily. For example, it might look like this: Onboarding checklist Internal meeting opening the Bulk Lead project (information about the client, discussion of the work schedule for the coming days, etc.

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