Therefore for full satisfaction

Therefore for full satisfaction

Source brw plblog Buttons or text in emails CTA – “Take advantage” button in the Procedures are important, but will they alone make onboarding a success? Not necessarily. Let us remember that clients expect a smooth and stress-free start of cooperation, while engaging as little effort as possible.  It is necessary to include these procedures in an appropriate time frame and in a concise and specific form, and above all in a good atmosphere adapted to the client’s personality. It is good, if with all this there will be a few moments for conversations “around the company” But let’s get back to the procedures that should happen after the client has been contracted. Let’s start with internal ones, i.e. those in which the client is not directly involved.

A good handover is one that includes

In The Semahead standards We assumed that the absolute minimum that should be included in them is: Project transfer – depending on the standards adopted within the agency, it usually takes the form of an e-mail or a task in the project system, in which the Account Manager informs the supervisor and heads of individual departments involved in the project about the start Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers List of onboarding procedures with the new client.  Information about: client – who he is, what were his motivations for starting cooperation.

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During one session to macro example

What he cares about the most what are his biggest problems. With contact details and website address (with access to administrator accounts. If needed), offer presented to the client. The duration of the project. Finally agreed operational scope of the project. Micro and macro goals, the achievement of which will determine further. Cooperation (micro example: increasing the number of pages viewed. Increase in monthly revenues. By an average of % year on year advertising accounts. Whether the activities will be carried out on the agency’s or client’s accounts and who will be the payer on the accounts, form of contact – whether the client will be invited to the project system Bulk Lead on which communication is conducted.


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