For even greater optimization

For even greater optimization

All of the above content can be display in a specific time period, freely filter, deselect and flagg. Track key metrics and… competition Reach, views, engagement, top posts, increase in the number of fans and the most popular hashtags – these are just a few of all the indicators for which you can analyze social mia profiles in the Napoleon Cat tool. After selecting those that are crucial for you – you can easily generate them to an excel file or create a detail report (in the form of a brand PDF) for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  Of work, use the automatic generation of reports at a specifi time and sending them directly from the platform to the client’s e-mail address.

How to track the competition

In terms of time, in addition to setting the dates you are interest in yourself, the tool has automatic options: day, week or month (for Facebook reach: day, week, days). Competitor tracking – useful for monitoring and analyzing industry trends, among other things – is another noteworthy feature that Napoleon Cat offers. Use it to find out which competitor’s actions are effective or learn from their mistakes. With this knowlge, you can modify your strategy accordingly. You can do this by creating a list of pages of a given mium, in which you will include your own and competing profiles. This will allow you to analyze many key indicators such as: engagement, reach – for Denmark Cell Phone Number List the profile and for individual posts. Source: offer? In addition to the above-mention functions, the platform for comprehensive management of profiles in social mia offers many valuable facilities in everyday work.

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Use Napoleon Cat from the application

Below we have describ some of the particularly useful ones. Serve customers in social mia from the application level You don’t have a laptop with you, so you don’t have access to the tool? Technical problems prevent you from accessing the platform? It’s not a problem anymore! level on your phone and make sure that you don’t miss anything urgent Bulk Lead and that your recipients don’t have to wait long for a reply.

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